Azure has three areas online where you can go to keep up to date with Azure updates and what the roadmap is for certain products within Azure.

Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap provides a snapshot of what Microsoft is working on in their cloud platform business. From here you can use the roadmap to find out what they’re recently made generally available, released to public preview, are still developing and testing, or what’s no longer being developed. You can search by Product Category and/or Status.

For Product Category you have the following categories:

  • Application development
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Data management and analytics
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Internet of Things

For Status type you can search by the following types:

  • All
  • In Development
  • In Preview
  • Now Available


For each result there is a date of when it was last updated and then a status of either In Development, In Preview, and Now Available.


Finally you can can click the Learn more link for further details about this update.

Azure Roadmap

The Azure Roadmap page shows you where they’re heading and any upcoming changes to Azure products. This is the place to find out what’s new


Azure Updates

The Azure Updates page allows you to see all the updates in one place. You can filter by product, update type and even platform.




Posted by Callon Campbell [MVP]

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