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Salaam, Namaste, Ola and Hello! My name is Shabaz Darr and this is the 6th day of the Azure Advent Calendar ( ). One of my main focuses in my role is Security, which is why I have chosen Azure Multi Factor Authentication as my topic for this blog.

Account passwords are historically one of the easiest security measures to hack, be it via ‘Brute Force attacks’ or users have simple passwords that are easy to guess. Attacks on organizations have become more complex over the years, however basic attacks, such as email phishing, that can be done by almost anyone are still a rather effective way of gaining access to an organizations most sensitive information.Multi-factor authentication is the process of identifying users by validating two of more characteristics that are unique to that users

Multi-factor authentication has evolved as the single most effective control to insulate an organization…

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Posted by Callon Campbell [MVP]

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