Roy Kim on Azure and Microsoft 365

Logic Apps is an Azure service for enterprise integration. It comes with many connectors including from outside of the Microsoft ecosystem. In this blog post, I will show an implementation and key implementation points that will facilitate an approval process for approving a document in SharePoint Online.

Business Scenario

  1. User publishes a document for approval.
  2. Assigned approver gets an email to either approve or reject
  3. Document is set as approved or rejected.

The business process will be integrating the following three Office 365 services.

  • SharePoint Online – Document Library
  • Office 365 User Profile with Email
  • Outlook

The Logic App Design

Implementation Details

  1. To trigger this Logic App, it done through any modification of the document item properties such as the user action of publishing.
  2. We must get the file metadata of the document specifically the ETag which represents the file version. This is for future use. Note this is not…

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Posted by Callon Campbell [MVP]

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