So now I’m left with the decision of whether or not I take the plunge and lease the new Acura CSX and sell my current car, a 1999 Acura 1.6 EL. I decided to make a few phone calls and see what other people had to say before I make a decision.


A decision has been made (that was quick), I’m going to put my car up for sale on AutoTrader and then go into the dealership on Monday after work to initiate the lease process. Here is the description for my car that’s for sale incase anyone is interested:


1999, ACURA, 1.6 EL
5 Speed, Silver, Leather, Heated Seats, A/C, Alloy Rims, Cruise, Moon Roof, Heated Mirrors, Keyless Remote, AM/FM Stereo CD with 6 Disc Changer and Winter Tires. Has 250000 km (majority highway drive), original owner, all service done through Acura.


Ok now that I’ve made the decision to go through with this, there are some questions and choices I need to make, namely the type of Transmission and Color of the car.


          Do I go with the 5 speed manual (which I prefer) or try something new and get the new 5 speed automatic with shift paddles, which are supposed to be incredible and awesome to drive with


          Color (Silver, Black and Blue are my choices) and if I select Blue do I go with a black or tan interior? 

I’m already sold on getting the NAVI package, basically a GPS Navigational system that links up to your Entertainment and Climate control systems and is voice activated.


Also Acura has some nice accessories, but they already give you so much that it’s pointless to get any of the options. For instance, the following is what comes as standard on the 2006 CSX Premium with NAVI:

          Leather seats
          Heated front seats
          Floor mats
          Detail trim
          6 speaker sound system
          Mud flaps

Options I would get are:

          Wheel locks (for the 16” rims)
          MP3 Player auxiliary input (ability to plug your iPOD, ZEN or any other MP3 player directly into your sound system)

At the moment I’m leaning towards the 5 speed manual transmission (I love driving stick) and since I’ve had a silver car for the past 8 years, I’m thinking of trying the blue out. The blue looks great in both black and tan interior, actually with the tan interior it makes it look sharp, classy, and sexy and resembles a BMW, Audi, and Lexus, just half the price and twice the reliability J 

I am interested in this paddle shift automatic transmission, so I’ll probably give it a try on Monday just to get the whole picture.


I’ll keep you posted.

Posted by Callon Campbell [MVP]

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