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New year, new website theme!

For some time now I’ve been looking to refresh my website with a more modern theme from WordPress. I’m using WordPress.com so I’m somewhat limited by the themes they provide online but there are many themes to choose from – both free and premium that you pay for.

After what seemed like a long journey of reviewing theme after theme after theme, I finally settled on a premium theme called Periodical. It provides some awesome customizations, like a nice menu bar at the top for anything. I choose to highlight my pages and then custom links to my social and coding accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub and YouTube.

I also liked the layout and font used for the content. There are many other customizations I’m playing with but so far I love this theme and highly recommend it to any other technical blogger.

Let me know what you think.




FREE Themes for WPF and Silverlight Microsoft Controls

I came across some blog posts about how Infragistics is giving out FREE themes for WPF and Silverlight Microsoft Controls. Links for each of these themes is below. Please take a look and download.

Hopefully Infragistics continues to release more themes.

Free Metro Light and Dark Themes

Free IG Theme