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AzureCloudThis week on Azure Friday

New API back-end options in Azure Static Web Apps | This week on Azure Friday

In this episode of Azure Friday, Annina Keller joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Static Web Apps provides built-in serverless API endpoints via integration with Azure services, including Azure App Service, Azure API Management, Azure Container Apps, and Azure Functions.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:18 – Simple demo
  • 10:30 – Demo with OAuth and API Management
  • 17:50 – Wrap-up
  • 18:40 – Resources

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AzureAzure API Management

Dynamically expose Open API definitions in Azure API Management

Open API is currently the most common used API standard out there.  API Management has full support for this standard.  The basis of this standard is…

Dynamically expose Open API definitions in Azure API Management
Application InsightsAzureAzure API Management

Send API inspector traces to Application Insights

In the December 2020 release of Azure API Management, there was a release note that drew my attention: You can now log API inspector traces to …

Send API inspector traces to Application Insights