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Callon Campbell awarded 2022-2023 Microsoft MVP in Azure

This month I received an exciting email from Microsoft that I was re-awarded for a fourth year now for the 2022 – 2023 Microsoft Most Valuable (MVP) award in Azure. Receiving the Microsoft MVP award is both a humbling and exciting experience. It means you’re a member of a select group of experts of just over 3,000 MVPs from around the world, but I like to think of it as doing something I’m passionate about with other like-minded individuals, having fun and always having something new to learn and share with the community.

The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high-quality, real-world expertise with users and Microsoft. All of us at Microsoft recognize and appreciate Callon’s extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with you.” – The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award Team Microsoft Corporation

Since becoming a Microsoft MVP, I’ve learned a lot about the community and continued to share my passion, knowledge and experience within the community around Architecture and Development in Azure, Serverless, API Management, and DevOps technologies. I also keep a keen eye on what’s happening on the data technologies like Cosmos DB, Azure SQL, Synapse, and Purview.

Pictures of MVP Events

First MVP Summit, Microsoft Redmond Campus
Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Toronto
Microsoft Ignite | The Tour Toronto, speaker preparation

If you’re interested in learning about the Microsoft MVP program and seeing what it takes to become a Microsoft MVP, or how to get awarded, I encourage you to take a look at the Microsoft MVP website and also the following article on “How to become a Microsoft MVP” where they explain some of the details of the program.

To wrap up this post I would like to congratulate all the other newly awarded or renewed Microsoft MVPs all over the world! You truly are an amazing community and I’m truly humbled and honoured to be part of this group.



Microsoft MVP Award

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Architecting multitenant solutions on Azure | This week on Azure Friday

In this episode of Azure Friday, John Downs joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how to design, architect, and build multitenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions on Azure. If you’re building a SaaS product or another multitenant service, there’s a lot to consider when you want to ensure high performance, tenant isolation, and managing deployments. They walk through some example SaaS architectures and see how Microsoft provides guidance to help you to build a multitenant solution on top of Azure.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:23 – Multitenancy in the cloud
  • 06:28 – Multitenancy guidance
  • 07:00 – Design considerations
  • 16:09 – Architectural approaches
  • 18:07 – Service-specific guidance
  • 20:28 – Wrap-up

Source: Azure Friday



Architecting multitenant solutions on Azure

John Downs, Paolo Salvatori, and Paul Burpo have created a great video on architecting multitenant solutions on Azure. Multitenant architectures bring along some unique challenges and opportunities that they go into and provide guidance on how to do this in Azure and what to do vs avoid.

This video is aimed at developers and architects who are building multitenant or SaaS applications, including startups and ISVs.





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Azure Global Infrastructure

Azure Global Infrastructure

Looking for more details around Azure Datacenters across the globe? Check out this link which shows an awesome way to explore Azure Global Infrastructure. You can explore the globe and click on any of the data centers to learn more, like in Canada Central:

You will see some satellites in orbit but unfortunately, you can’t click on them.

Learn more by visiting Azure Global Infrastructure

We Live in the Cloud 3D Tour

You can also take a 3D virtual tour over at We Live in the Cloud which is pretty neat for learning about what’s inside Azure data centers. Did you know that Microsoft has over 4 million servers that contain over 40 million hard disks and solid-state drives, totally over 40 exabytes of storage capacity.


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Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6: Build Applications using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, Angular, and Best Practices in .NET 6

My good friend Anthony Giretti, a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies has recently published his book “Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6″ and I wanted to share the news with the community.

About the book

Beginning gRPC with ASP.NET Core 6 is your guide to quickly and efficiently getting down to the business of building gRPC applications in the Microsoft .NET ecosystem. Readers will dive in and build an application using gRPC and the latest technologies such Angular and ASP.NET Core Razor Pages. 

This book will teach you how to set up an efficient application using industry best practices such as security, monitoring, logging, testing, and more. You will do this by performing Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations on a SQL Server database with Entity Framework Core. From there you will build web applications using Angular and ASP.NET Core Razor pages combined with gRPC APIs.After reading the book, you’ll be able to take advantage of the full range of developer opportunities with gRPC, and come away with any understanding of which usage scenarios are best suited for your projects. And you will possess a solid understanding of the best way to build APIs with ASP.NET Core.

What You Will Learn

  • Benefit from a new way to design APIs
  • Build modern web applications
  • Migrate easily from WCF to gRPC
  • Become comfortable with latest industry programming standards

Pre-order it now from Amazon.


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Moving Azure Functions from AKS to Azure Container Apps —

Cover image for Moving Azure Functions from AKS to Container Apps

Take a look at this great post on moving Azure Functions from AKS over to Azure Container Apps.

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