Great post on doing Azure Offline Backup with Azure Data Box.

Issues and lessons learned

An ever-increasing number of enterprises, even as they adopt a hybrid IT strategy, continue to retain mission-critical data on-premises and look towards the public cloud as an effective offsite for their backups. Azure Backup?Azure?s built-in data-protection solution, provides a simple, secure, and cost-effective mechanism to backup these data-assets over the network to Azure, while eliminating on-premises backup infrastructure. After the initial full backup of data, Azure Backup transfers only incremental changes in the data, thereby delivering continued savings on both network and storage.

With the exponential growth in critical enterprise data, the initial full backups are reaching terabyte scale. Transferring these large full-backups over the network, especially in high-latency network environments or remote offices, may take weeks or even months. Our customers are looking for more efficient ways beyond fast networks to transfer these large initial backups to Azure. Microsoft Azure Data Box solves the problem of transferring…

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Posted by Callon Campbell [MVP]

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